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Tomorrow's Trends Pet Spa has the only feline exclusive grooming salon in Beaver County. The salon was designed specifically with cats in mind from the cat-sized elevated tub to the Catty Shack Vac drying system. Stainless steel tables provide a stress-free surface for cats, by allowing the groomer to keep the cat in their comfort position and gently slide the cat around. 

Why chose feline exclusive grooming over traditional?
A feline exclusive grooming salon will provide your cat with the lowest stress grooming experience possible. When your cat is in our feline exclusive grooming salon they won't see, smell or barely even hear the dogs in our dog grooming facility. Traditional salons will have dogs and cats being groomed in the same area. Even if it's a cat only day your cat can still be stressed out by the scent of many many dogs that have previously been groomed there. Not to mention their tools and equipment are not specifically designed for cat grooming.

Why hire a dog groomer to  groom your cat when you  could have a Certified Feline Master Groomer grooming them?
Anna Kunselman, CFMG has been a groomer for 7 years. Over the years she has received many certifications and continues her education. Her most recent and greatest accomplishment has been becoming a Certified Feline Master Groomer(CFMG). Anna spent 9 months going through the NCGI's program to get certified as well as traveled to several different states for training. Anna is not only the only CFMG in Beaver County but she's the only CFMG in over a 20 mile radius! In order to become a CFMG one must pass 4 written exams on Health and Anatomy, Temperament and Assessment, Breeds, Colors and Genetics, and Business. After completing your bookwork you have the option to attend Hands-on training. Anna attended 5 days of optional Hands-On training before taking her 5 practical exams. To receive your CFMG title you must complete 5 grooms to show-worthy quality these 5 include a short-haired full coat, long-haired full coat, comb cut, standard lion cut, and lion cut variation.

Why does my cat need professional grooming?
Cats DO NOT groom themselves, they lick themselves. Cats require just as much grooming as dogs. Cats should receive a bath every 4 to 8 weeks. Having your cat professionally groomed on a regular schedule will prevent ingrown toenails, matting, hairballs, reduce shedding and even help with ear & eye issues!

What causes matting/knots/tangles in cats?
Matts are caused by a combination of oils/grease and dead undercoat. In general cats are very greasy, naturally they produce a lot of oil. Some cats will even over produce oils in certain cases such as age or health conditions. The grease/oils act like a glue in the cat's coat trapping dead undercoat which in turn causes matting. When your cat comes in matted the first time we typically have to shave them as it's the least stressful and least painful option for the cat. After the initial appointment we will get them on a regular preventative grooming schedule depending on your cat's needs this will be done every 4-12 weeks.  Prevention is key! The most common service is our Clean & Comb Out Package with this grooming package we focus on preventing a number of issues such as ingrown toenails, matting, hairballs, dandruff, litter box leftovers and even ear and eye issues. 



Clean and Combed Out

This is our standard grooming

service for all cats. Regular

grooms of every 4-8 weeks can

prevent matting, hairballs,

in-grown toenails, litter box

leftovers, and even ear and eye

issues. It includes:

Nail Trimming

Gentle Ear & Eye Cleaning

Warm Massaging Bath

Complete Blow Dry

Complete Comb Out

Mini Sanitary Shave

Starting at...

Short Hair $65-90 plus tax

Long Hair $75-100

cat before.png
cat after.png
NCGI Badge.png
NCGI Badge.png
Lion Cut - Full Tail.jpg
NCGI Badge.png
Lion Cut - Pom-Pom Tail.jpg
NCGI Badge.png

Lion Cut

You want the hair GONE! We totally get it. This trim is quite close to the skin, only leaving a moderate mane, hair below the front elbows, rear hock bone, and either a full tail or a pom-pom style. Lion cuts are a great option for both short and long haired healthy, adult cats to prevent matting or reduce shedding. Includes everything in the Clean & Combed Out groom, plus a haircut.

Typically done on an 8-12 week basis.

Starting at... $100-125 plus tax

Comb Cut 

This "short and fluffy" trim is preferable for older or more particular cats who are not candidates for the shorter Lion Cut trim. Less hair, but leaves the cat with a cute teddy bear style look. Includes everything in the clean & Combed Out groom, plus a haircut leaving approximately 1/2-3/4 of an inch of hair.

Typically done on an 8-12 week basis.

Starting at... $100-125 plus tax

Comb Cut Example 2.jpg
NCGI Badge.png
Comb Cut Example 1.jpg
NCGI Badge.png
Deshedding Example 1.jpg
Deshedding Example 2.jpg

Clean & Combed Out PLUS Deshedding 

Is your cat shedding up a storm? Let us help! This de-shed add on gently removes excessive dead coat and can eliminate up to 80% of shedding at home if repeated every 4-8 weeks. Additional hair removal without affecting the length of the cat's coat. A great option for mild to moderate allergy sufferers!

Starting at...

Short Hair $85-110 plus tax

Long Hair $95-120 plus tax


Additional Services

Nail Trim $20 plus tax

Soft Claws Nail Caps

Includes removal of old nail caps, nail trimming and application of new nail caps. 

-2 Paws $25 plus tax

      $20 plus tax when added to a              grooming package.

 -4 Paws $35 plus tax

      $30 plus tax when added to a              grooming package.

Full Sanitary Shave $10

Half Belly Shave $15

Full Belly Shave $20

Ruff Trim $5

Pants Trim $5

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